Quadro GV100

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The NVIDIA Quadro® GV100 is reinventing the workstation to meet the demands of next-generation ray tracing, AI, simulation, and VR enhanced workflows. It’s powered by NVIDIA Volta, delivering the extreme memory capacity, scalability, and performance that designers, architects, and scientists need to create, build, and solve the impossible.

CUDA Parallel-Processing Cores 5120
NVIDIA Tensor Cores 640
GPU Memory 32 GB HBM2
FP64 Performance 7.4 TFLOPS
FP32 Performance 14.8 TFLOPS
FP16 Performance 29.6 TFLOPS
Tensor Performance 118.5 TFLOPS
Max Power Consumption 250 W
Graphics Bus PCI Express 3.0 x 16
Display Connectors DP 1.4 (4)
Form Factor 4.4” H x 10.5” L Dual Slot
NVIDIA Quadro GV100
Quick Start Guide
Quadro Support Guide
4 DisplayPort to DVI Adapters
1 DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
1 Stereo Connector Bracket
1 Auxiliary Power Cable (8‑Pin to Dual 6‑Pin Adapter)

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